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  • What is CBD oil used for?
    The most common conditions for which animals use CBD include: • Seizures • Cancer • Anxiety • Arthritis
  • How is 3 Saints Hemp oil extracted?
    We use the CO2 extraction process for our full spectrum hemp oil products. Its the only method being environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is something that is really important to us.
  • What about the environment?
    The upmost care and consideration is taken throughout the production process, ensuring our processes are envionmentally friendly. The raw material used in the extraction is from certified industrial organic hemp plants. These are naturally free of pesticides and herbicides and are also non-GMO.
  • Is Hemp oil safe?
    Our pet products are regarded as non-psychoactive and safe. Taking hemp oil in its isolated and concentrated form will not be harmful to your pet’s health. Many dogs show improvement with their condition after taking CBD for a few weeks. Our CBD oils are made from industrial hemp, that is accredited and lab tested for its chemical compounds, toxins, and appearance of solvents. It is very important to make sure to only use high-quality products, which are accredited and fully lab tested. If your pet is taking perscribed medication, we recommend discussing the use of hemp oil with your veterinarian before giving it to your pet.
  • What does hemp oil help my dog or cat with?
    * Helps maintain healthy bone and joint function. * Helps maintain cardiovascular function. * Helps support the immune system. * Helps reduce the negative effects of stress. * Supports neurological functions. * Coping better with other pets * Reducing stress * Relaxing pets before the vet visit * Increased appetite
  • How much hemp oil do i give my pet?
    We recommend the following dosages: 0-25lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – Once a Day 26-50lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – 1-2 Times Daily 50+lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – 1-2 Times Daily There may be some trial and error in finding the right serving for your pet. Start with a low serving size of 1 milligram per 10 pounds of body weight. Some complaints may require more of the hemp oil extract. If necessary, go up to 5 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight. A low serving size given 1-2 times a day, is usually more therapeutically beneficial than a high dosage all at once. Remember to shake well before use!


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