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3 Saints Company was inspired by an innate love of animals and a passion for our wonderful Saint Bernards, Penny, Franky and Scout.  


Our Founder, Nancy Mahler, Pharm.D., MBA, is an experienced, hardworking professional with a huge heart.


Nancy - having worked at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals as a Pharmaco-economist; Bristol Myers Squibb as Associate Director Health Systems Teams; Johnson and Johnson as a Medical Scientist; Stanford as a clinical pharmacist specializing in Oncology, bone marrow transplants, multi-organ transplant, critical care and infectious diseases at Stanford, Cedars Sinai, UCLA, and Kaiser Permanente; and also at Novartis Oncology as a Corporate Account Director in Sales and Marketing - brings more than 30 years of clinical, wellness, Pharmaceuticals, healthcare and business expertise.


Nancy has a strong background working with Insurers and Pharmacy benefit management companies.  She has held prior positions as National Pharmacy Director at Cigna -Healthcare, Regional Pharmacy Administrator at Blue Shield of California and Clinical Pharmacy Manager at WellPoint Pharmacy Management and Express Scripts as director of disease management.  


Nancy attended UCLA for undergraduate studies and received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California.  She also has a Master of Business Administration from University of Southern Illinois School of Business.   


Despite having such a busy schedule, Dr. Mahler has ensured to make time to raise not only her three amazing children, but also a multitude of pets. During the span of her career she has taken care of 3 cats and a miniature sheltie and now currently looks after three beautiful Saint Bernards and 2 lovely cats (a Siamese and a Russian Blue). It is her love of animals and big heart that she wants to help your pets maintain great health and wellness via her expertise in healthcare and pharmaceuticals like she has done for many human clients during her life.

Dr Nancy Mahler


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